Fundamentals of Guitar Technique - 312 Pages - $30.00

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A comprehensive collection of music and music theory for guitar from early to advanced stages of development compiled from my last twenty years of teaching. The collection includes:


Chord forms from basic open chords through advanced jazz harmonic structures.
Easy to intermediate classical, jazz and popular repertory with standard notation and tablature.
Introductory reading material.
Duets for two guitars.
25 Melodious and Progressive Studies Op. 60, M. Carcassi (Complete).
Douze Etudes Op. 6, F. Sor (Complete).
'Cello Suite 1 BWV 1007, J.S. Bach (Complete).
Lute Suite 1 BWV 996, J.S. Bach (Complete).
Intermediate to advanced reading material (unedited).
Analyses of standard classical guitar repertory with links to website discussions.


In all, 312 pages of material. All professionally notated using Finale® music notation software in high quality PDF format. All pages are bookmarked and the document is fully searchable for easy reference. Works on iPad with free Kindle app. 

"Fundamentals of Guitar Technique is a one of a kind publication for guitar. This massive 300+ page document encompasses a plethora of standard solo classical guitar repertoire, duets, and excellent arrangements. It also has jazz arrangements, scales, arpeggios, chords studies, professional level harmonic analysis of standard repertoire masterpieces, etc... It is beautifully engraved and the fingerings are excellent. For $25, it is a bargain that no guitar student or educator should pass up!" - Douglas Seth USA


"Thank you for your years of work compiling this wonderful masterpiece of guitar work. I am sure I will be using the book for many years to come. The download went well." - Anthony Jaynes


Complete Table of Contents   

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11 Original Compositions and Arrangements - 67 Pages, $20.00

I put together a collection of many of my original compositions and arrangements in a single PDF including the following:

Amazing Grace, tab and standard notation

An American Medley, standard notation only

Bachianas Americanas, standard notation only

Greensleeves with Variations, tab and standard notation

Homage to Fernando Sor, standard notation only

Seasons, tab and standard notation

Shall We Gather at the River, tab and standard notation

The Water is Wide, tab and standard notation

Three Traditional Christmas Carols, tab and standard notation

Twinkle Twinkle Jazzy Star, standard notation with chord diagrams

Waltzing Matilda, standard notation only

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listen to any or all on my YouTube channel.


My Old Kentucky Home - $5.00

My reharmonized arrangement of this great American folk song.

Listen on YouTube.

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Scarborough Fair - For Solo Guitar $5.00

A solo guitar arrangement of this well known melody. Standard notation and tab included. This arrangement is also included in Fundamentals of Guitar Technique.

Listen: ScarboroughFair.mp3

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The Water is Wide - 3 pgs. $4.00

An arrangement for solo guitar of the traditional Scottish tune The Water is Wide. The PDF contains two versions: one with standard notation only and the second with standard notation and tablature. Both are fully fingered for performance.

Listen: WaterIsWide.mp3

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Seasons - 15 pages $5.00

A set of four pieces with seasonal connotations. Included are two versions of each piece: one with standard notation only and the second with standard notation and tablature.

Listen: Seasons.mp3

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Shall We Gather at the River - 6 Pages $5.00

My arrangement for solo guitar of this beautifully simple and well known hymn. Two versions included; one with standard notation only and a second with standard notation and tablature. Both versions fully fingered for performance.


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Amazing Grace - For Solo Guitar with Standard Notation and Tab $5.00

My arrangement of this beautiful hymn for guitar solo.

Listen to Amazing Grace: AmazingGrace.mp3

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Bachianas Americanas - 10 Pages $10.00

Click to Buy Bachianas Americanas

A new eBook suite for solo guitar utilizing traditional Baroque dance forms that incorporate contemporary harmonic and melodic material found in American jazz and folk music.

Winner of the 2019 Gibbons Prize for best new composition for classical guitar.

See Musica Canis Avem for more information.

Please preview this composition by viewing these examples: Examples from Bachianas Americanas.pdf

You may listen to the piece here.

An excellent performance of the Preludio by Douglas Seth


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Three Traditional Christmas Carols - eBook - 9 Pages $5.00

My arrangements of three carols for guitar with standard notation and tablature fully edited for performance:

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Il Est Né, Le Divin Enfant

Quelle Est Cette Odeur Agréable?

Listen: ThreeTraditionalChristmasCarols.mp3


Greensleeves with Variations - eBook 5 pages $4.00

An arrangement with variations of this well known tune with standard notation and tablature. Please listen to it and preview the notation by downloading the Greensleeves examples file.

Two Traditional Christmas Lullabies

My arrangements of "Silent Night" and a traditional Polish carol "Lulajze, Jezuniu"

Listen: TwoChristmasLullabies.mp3

Please contact me through the website if you would like a copy ($5.00). I recently had the copyright returned to me. I will email a PDF of both pieces after receipt of payment through PayPal.

Homage To Fernando Sor - Four Pages $5.00

A Reharmonization of Three Studies by Sor:

Op. 6 No. 2 in A

Op. 35 No. 22 in B minor

Op. 35 No. 17 in D

Listen: Three_Sor_Studies_Reharmonized.mp3


Homage To Sor Examples


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An American Medley - 7 Pages - $4.95

An eBook of arrangements of six traditional American songs for solo guitar with an emphasis on harmonic content. Songs include "My Wild Irish Rose", "Shenandoah", "Billy Boy", "Home on the Range", "Red River Valley" and "Coming 'Round the Mountain".

Listen to "An American Medley": AnAmericanMedley.mp3

View examples of the score: AmericanMedleyExamples.pdf

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Lute Suite 1 BWV 996 by J.S. Bach - 11 Pages - $4.95

My eBook edition of this great work by J.S. Bach originally thought to be for solo lute although research seems to indicate that it was written for a keyboard instrument called the Lautenwerk which sounds very much like a lute. I tried to maintain as much of the original notation as possible using the Neue Bach-Ausgabe as my source. There were a few instances of chords that were not playable on guitar and some of the voices cannot be sustained as the notation indicates. Otherwise I was surprised to find that nearly everything is playable as written; challenging but playable. Preview my edition by viewing the examples below. This suite is also available within Fundamentals of Guitar Technique.


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'Cello Suite No.1 BWV 1007 by J.S. Bach Arr. by John Hall - 11 Pages $5.00

My arrangement of this great work by J.S. Bach for solo guitar available as an eBook. The complete arrangement is also available within Fundamentals of Guitar Technique.

Twenty-Five Melodious and Progressive Studies op. 60 by Matteo Carcassi, edited by John Hall - 37 Pages $4.95

This is my e-edition of the well known Carcassi studies for guitar. I have honed this through many years of teaching students classical guitar technique. I still think these studies are some of the best ever written for the instrument.

The complete edition is also available within Fundamentals of Guitar Technique.

Influences, 21 Intermediate Etudes for Guitar

"These are some of the finest etudes I've ever played for intermediate level players." Douglas Seth USA.

"This is a FANTASTIC book!! I love playing every one of the selections here. Thank you, John."  -James Seaberry, USA.

"I find your collection of etudes musically rewarding as they sound more modern and cool, which differs from Sor's etudes. These are certainly more interesting to play than merely pedagogical etudes beginners often work on." -Yasuhiro Shimizu, Japan.

A beautiful performance of Etude No. 5 "Sophie's Lullaby" by the excellent guitarist Nina Rideout.

Standard notation only. Listen to any or all of the etudes here.

Contemporary Anthology of Solo Guitar Music for Five Fingers of the Right Hand



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